Sunday, April 1

Six Sentence Sunday - Atlantis Falls

Okay, so I'm a slacker blogger. Bite me. Hard, soft, you choose. But since it is Sunday, for a few more hours at any rate, I figured I'd mosey on down to my blog here and give you today's excerpt. Today's excerpt is from Forever Mine, a paranormal romance/fantasy - aww, I'm not sure what genre it is just yet. Like many of my WIPs, I actually need to finish said project before classing it.

Soon it was no longer safe within walls or outside of them, as entire buildings crashed into the heaving ground. Surrounded by ocean on three sides and a large mountain chain on the other, they essentially had nowhere to go, no escape. They were trapped. Thousands were killed, mates severed in the flesh, children ripped away from their mother’s arms. Finally the shuddering and heaving stopped. The Atlantians breathed a short lived sigh of relief.

So there you have it! This one is based off a short story that I may or may not be publishing. It's not ready yet! Alright, you caught me, I have a hard time letting my babies go. Happy now?

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