Tuesday, March 27

My Declaration Of Independence

Credits: sxc.hu user mrtechc

There are many things I want out of life and not just material goods…though there are plenty of those too! But I seem to be stuck in this never ending cycle of negativity and basically chasing my tail. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s being stuck in one place for too long. Have a bit of Gypsy blood in me or something. This happens to me a lot, especially after life changing events. I have so many dreams and directions that I want to head in that I get overwhelmed…and then I’m like a car stuck in the mud. Annoying, but it is what it is.

One thing that I tend to forget while in overwhelm mode is that life is just a strategy game. My favorite board game as a child was Risk. I loved it whether I was playing against another person or even a computer. Do they still make Risk for computers? Anywhohow, the moral of the story is that I need to work on some strategy to my life, instead of succumbing to the overwhelm.

I will – compost old food instead of throwing it away.
I will – focus on what I really want, not just want I think I want.
I will – stop spending money on cheap junk instead of the nice stuff that I love.
I will – make more from scratch, instead of being annoyed by the quality and price of food.
I will – use the timer on my phone. It is a friend, not an enemy.
I will – utilize the power of 15 minutes.
I will – write 200 words a day on any project. And no, Twitter does not count.
I will – maximize my freebies. They make my dollar stretch farther.
I will – not fill my house with useless junk that just pisses me off.
I will – push myself further, while listening to my body.
I will – stretch my dollar as far as possible, without sacrificing quality.
I will – finish projects that I have started.
I will – support more local businesses.
I will – journal and do my morning pages daily. They really help with unblocking and keeping me positive.
I will – strive to kick perfectionism to the curb. Every little bit counts!


  1. Nice post. You doubled your writing goal to 200 words per day? Good deal.

    1. Yup, more or less. I'm sure there will still be only 100 word days...but I'd prefer 200 or more. ;)

  2. I LOVE it! Especially the last one. Perfectionism kicks us right in the butt!!!

    1. Oh gods does it ever! Letting go of it is so hard too, because perfectionism is a sneaky devil.