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Lucky 7 Meme: WIP Sneak Peak

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Like other writers, I was tagged in the Lucky 7 Meme.  I think people just want to see what I’m working on, you sneaky people! There’s actually 8 paragraphs here, but it’s mostly dialogue so you get it all. This is from my WIP House of Dolls (working title). You can give feedback if you want, but remember this is just a rough draft. J

I was tagged by Angie over at Write Me Happy. I thought calling her a brat twice was too much. ;)

“Do you like the doll Andy? Isn’t Cornelia beautiful?” Andrea looked the doll up and down. She shuddered.
“Looks rather creepy to me. Those eyes seem like they’re staring into my soul or something. Keep it away from me, I hate creepy dolls.” Andrea looked away and hunched over her breakfast. Dresden looked puzzled and a bit upset.
“Cornelia is beautiful Andy. Not creepy!” She looked down at the doll. “Don’t mind Andy Cornelia, she’s just mean in the morning. I’m sure she meant nothing by it. You aren’t creepy, you’re absolutely darling.” She hugged the doll, then started eating her breakfast. Andrea looked at her sideways.
“Aren’t you a little old to be playing with dolls anyway? And really Dres, talking to dolls is the first step to insanity. The doll is creepy, and the fact that you’re talking to it makes it even creepier. Seriously Dres, what the hell?”
“Andrea, language!” Diana scowled at her daughter. “If she wants to play with a doll, she can. And you talked to plenty of dolls in your time my dear. So leave your sister alone.” Dresden looked up from her food.
“Thanks Mom. Cornelia thanks you too.” Steve looked over the top of his newspaper.
“Where did you say you found that doll Dresden? It might belong to someone else.”
“Cornelia was sitting in the corner of my room Dad, all covered with dust and looking unloved.” Dresden clutched the doll closer to her. “She needs my love Dad. She belongs to no one else but me!”

I’d tag someone, but everyone has already been tagged! If you want to take part, go right ahead! Leave a link in comments so I can read your excerpt.

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  1. Is it just me or does that doll sound creepy?

    Great excerpt! My interest is officially piqued.